Reformer Pilates

Pilates focuses on strengthening the body’s muscles, improving flexibility, and promoting overall physical and mental well-being. The movements strengthen, stretch and lengthen muscles, helping to improve muscle tone, flexibility and range of motion. Through the use of springs, reformers generate resistance which requires the muscles to work harder during a session. Reformers are fantastic as they allow us to offer varying levels of resistance, making the exercises challenging and suitable for different abilities. As pilates exercises require breath control, focus and precision, they can help to improve relaxation, balance and coordination whilst providing a physically demanding workout. In addition, reformer pilates can be an effective form of rehabilitation for injuries and can help to prevent future injuries by strengthening and stabilizing the body’s muscles and joints.

Reformer Pilates Classes Are Open


Our reformer classes have a maximum of 5 people in a class. Classes are taught by our experienced instructor Jess and are suitable for people of all levels. All members should book their first class as an introductory class. This allows us to teach the basics, assess your ability and recommend a suitable class level. If you have an injury, health condition or any concerns about starting Pilates, please contact our team as we can do a one on one introductory session with a physiotherapist if you prefer.


We have classes running from Monday to Saturday during our staffed hours.

Don’t see a time that would work for you? Please use our online form to Request Your Class Time Here


Concession Card

No Joining Fee

Valid for 12 Months

No 24/7 Gym Access

$30.00 per class

x1 Class per Week and Gym

No Joining Fee

No Minimum Term

24/7 Gym Access

$34.99 per week

x2 Classes per Week and Gym

No Joining Fee

No Minimum Term

24/7 gym Access



  • Introductory Classes are free
  • Pilates members receive 50% off initial physiotherapy appointments.
  • Current gym members receive 15% off casual Pilates class bookings.
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