Personal Training

What Does a Personal Trainer Do?

Personal trainers work with you one-on-one to help design an engaging exercise program, they can ensure you have great form while exercising to reduce the risk of injury, help you with motivation and make your new exercise routine fun!

Who is Personal Training For?

Whether you have a specific exercise goal in mind or are just trying to lose excess weight, a personal trainer can be a valuable tool. Individuals with a Registered Exercise Professional certification are specialists in NZ, designing customised exercise programs and working them within your fitness routine.

If you’re ready to start exercising on a regular basis but have any of the following challenges to overcome, then personal training could be right for you.


Hiring a personal trainer gives you someone to answer to, keeping you accountable to your exercise program. Knowing that you are being held accountable to someone other than yourself increases your chance of achieving your fitness goals.


Finding a trainer who understands your interests in exercising helps ensure you don’t lose your drive over the next week or month. If you’ve been working out long enough or are just starting out, you may lose sight of the reasons behind your desire to exercise. Hiring a personal trainer helps you focus on your “why” by keeping your sessions oriented towards your goals.


Having a personal trainer who is well educated on the structures of your body and the most effective fitness strategies helps to ensure that your workouts are safe and effective and can pass on their knowledge when your ready to start exercising independently.


Keeping your workouts fresh keeps you motivated and increases the likelihood of meeting your fitness goals. Working with a personal trainer gives you access to a vast array of workout methods and exercises ensuring that no workout is the same.

What Can I Expect?

When you sign up to Link Health and Fitness, every gym member is given the opportunity to book in with one of our team members. Every session is tailored around your wants and needs but we also have some great tools at hand for designing exercises programs.

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Meet The Team

Scott Macdonald is a physiotherapist offering ACC injury treatment, vestibular and concussion management, dry needling, sports physio, pilates, post-operative physiotherapy and exercise rehabilitation at our 24/7 gym and physiotherapy clinic at 17/18 Link Drive Wairau

Scott Macdonald


Jessica Macdonald is a physiotherapist offering ACC injury treatment, acupuncture/dry needling, sports physio, pilates, chronic pain and exercise rehabilitation at her physiotherapy clinic and 24/7 gym at 17/18 Link Drive Wairau Auckland

Jessica Macdonald


Natalie Gorst

Personal Trainer

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