Massage Therapy

Why Choose Us?

Highly Qualified

Registered Massage Therapists with Advanced Training

Tailored Treatment Plan

We Understand the Importance of Looking at Each Person as an Individual

Registered Southern Cross Provider

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Massage Therapy Pricing

60 Minute Massage

Registered Massage Therapist


30 Minute Massage

Not Available for First Time Clients


90 Minute Massage

Indulge and Enjoy Your Time!


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How To Find Us
Staffed Hours
  • Monday:       7am-1pm
  • Tuesday:       10am-7pm
  • Wednesday: 10am-7pm
  • Thursday:     10am-7pm
  • Friday:          7am-1pm
  • Saturday:      9am-1pm
  • Sunday and Public Holidays: Closed

Gym – 24hrs / 7 Days